Making design assests delightful is a leading destination where you can purchase mockups, icons, and ui kits, produced by the design studio CreativeDash. When I joined the team at CreativeDash as a Senior UX Designer, my first task on day one, was to come up with some new ideas for the site. 






Minimalized Layout

Pairing down product images into bigger, simpler sections helps the user free up some cognitive load and allows them to make a decision faster.




Product Footer

New sticky product bar at bottom allows users to scroll without having to lose their place. 


New feature allows user the ability to add a product to cart on hover.

Allows user to bypass product page and quickly checkout.

Introduction of this feature increased products to the cart by 60%.

cart progress bar.png

Progress Indicator

Added progress indicator in the checkout flow reassures users where they are, where they have been, and where they are going.



New Ultimate Pass page

I completely redesigned the member subscription page called the Ultimate Pass page. In order to persuade users to sign up for a yearly subscription, we would need to sell the products value more. With this new layout, the user can really get a sense of value that comes with signing up, thus gaining more yearly members.



Live Site

Ultimate Pass.png