Teladoc: Provider app

After the member app was complete for Teladoc, we were tasked to design the Provider app. Although I was very familiar with the user base for Teladoc, designing for medical professionals were completely different personas with very niche needs and wants. 


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After gathering all of the necessary feedback from our medical professionals, we needed a way to navigate a course of action, a roadmap if you will. After gathering all of our user stories together, I made a Touchpoints map to guide us through the design process. By visualizing all of our stories into actual paths, we can better assess how much time or resources we needed for each sprint. 

Goal: To better assess key feature requirements based on Epics/Journeys.



During our user research, we conducted some great interviews that provided us with tons of valuable feedback that could be a great asset in understanding our Doctors.

With my findings, I made an Experience Map which is a design deliverable used to understand a product/service's interactions from users’ point of view. By including the users wants, needs, emotions and actions during each stage, we can better tailor the design for them at each touchpoint in their journey. 

For example, during the logging-in stage, we found doctors were annoyed by how long it took to begin a consult, they wanted ease of use from the onset. To alleviate this, we would have to make sure the initial landing interface was direct and uncluttered.


Experience Map Components

  • Personas
  • Guiding Principles
  • Needs and Wants
  • Engagement Channels
  • Experience Timeline
  • User emotions, thoughts, feelings and reactions during experience.
  • Journey Touchpoints: Interaction points; pain points; delight points.
  • Aha moments; Recommendations.