Making data fun

Through our data we found that Olympic viewers were curious about so much more than the star athletes. The team used proprietary data mining tools built by Google engineers to analyze data in new and unique ways. We visualized this in real-time using characters we named 'Googins'! In the end we delivered an initiative that centered on real search results but also sparked user delight throughout the entire Olympic games.

For the 2016 Olympics initiative, I was brought on the team to conduct initial data gathering and analyzation of user patterns and goals in the competitive market of events media consumption, create a holistic ecosystem strategy that incorporated all the various platform touchpoints, develop trend card triggering implementation, and lead the UX on designing the Olympics Trends Hub which would be the main home for all content.

UX Lead: Christine Dani Cruz
Creative Lead: Wade Convay
Design Lead: Katherine Walker
Lead Strategist: Ashley Nelson
Visual Design: Graeme Nelson, Ryan Chen
Project Manager: Blake Davidoff

Partnerships: Google Search, Google News Lab
Content Partner: Swift

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Understanding the Olympic viewer

In order to understand the Olympic user and the landscape better,  I conducted some preliminary research which allowed the team to hone in on who we were designing for, what were our use cases and constraints, and how might optimize our cross-platform strategy.


Search card strategy

As part of the Olympics Search Immersion, Brand Studio would create fun, animated cards that reveal interesting facts about the games in real time. In order for the API to pull the correct card, we needed to set the correct triggers and parameters for different search scenarios.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.33.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.36.30 PM.png

Designing a hub for all things Olympics

Google News Lab and the Trends team partnered with us to create a hub to be the focal point for trends data during the Olympic games. I directed the UX design for the hub and its supplementary page including incorporating the various trends cards, other modules, and the ability to change every day and sometimes hourly.

The Trends hub has millions of users who visit the site during the Games so it was imperative that whatever changes we made matched multiple user goals for the average viewer, press, and media. I designed multiple iterations of the hub in collaboration with global Trends team.

ChristineDaniCruz_Olympics gif 2.gif


  • garnered over 1 million page views  and 1.8 billion impressions throughout the Olympics.

  • The Olympics Hub homepage had a 7% bounce rate. This compares to a 60% bounce rate for the 2015 Year in Search homepage.

  • Throughout the Olympics, there were over 2200+ media mentions of Google Trends, with 158.5 million in audience.

  • The campaign was shared over 19K times in 142 Countries — that's 73% of the world!

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