I created an app called Flyepost in 2014 during my intense studies in UX Design. Flyepost is an app that aims to bring people together one flyer at a time. I wanted to provide a fun, engaging, and hopeful product that will generate curiosity and caring with neighbors everywhere.

I developed this app through multiple iterations and through holistic ux practices including user research and feedback, competitive analysis, user stories, user flows, information architecture, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.




I conduced some user interviews with a case study of five individuals from completely different upbringings, ages, and income levels. The one things they have in common is that they live in an urban area and they live in a multi-unit building.

The interview questions were based upon past and present experiences with neighbors and how they navigate their neighborhood. I wanted to see if this app has a space in their lives and if there is an actual use for them. 

The interview revealed some interesting insights into the who important neighbors had played into their upbringing. All participants said that they were very close to their neighbors and missed that connection that is now lost, now that they are on their own.





A small group was asked to sort cards of various content of the app on them.

The users grouped content into four major sections

1. Neighbor feed of comments and messages
2. Discovery feed of photos, social feeds, and events.
3. Neighbor Specific section where you could communicate in for specific purposes like selling things and asking a favor.
4. Utilities which included profiles, help, alerts, and maps.

These sections were integral in determining my navigation and features.

1. Discovery Section  
2. Private Neighbor Section   
3. Flyer Feature   
4. Profile View


Content strategy

Our voice and tone will connect us to our users in a human way.

Friendly and Inviting - When users are in a warm and fuzzy state
Storytelling - When users are in a attentive state
Informative - When user’s are in a confused state.
Encouraging - When users are in a fragile state.
Passion and Rewards - When user need motivation.


We Are

We Are Not





App map


User flows


Once the wires and the navigation of the app were completed, I began designing what it would look like. I wanted a strong emphasis on beautiful images as a way to draw people into viewing their flyers. Blurred backgrounds give a modern feel and the subtle blue palette creates a sense of lightheartedness.