User Experience

Great User Experience will allow users to connect with your product on an emotional level. A UX Designer is the user’s advocate, understanding the behaviors, emotions, and pains of the user to create a better overall experience. As a UX Designer, I accomplish this through empathy and user research to communicate ideas though deliverables like personas, sitemaps, flows, and wireframes.


Project Tackling

A car doesn’t function efficiently unless all parts are working, and the same goes for projects. A project manager needs to be a wrangler of various resources, a problem solver for various stakeholders, and have the ability to foresee future risk. I’ve successfully managed multiple projects by giving meticulous attention to detail, gathering the right resources, and prioritizing various requirements.

Graphic tablet.png

Visual Design

Being able to communicate an idea visually through design is a valuable asset to any project. I create Web Responsive and Pixel-Perfect Visual & UI Designs for varied products .  
At Fab.com, I produced hundreds of intriguing visuals that  enhance the brand’s message and bring delight to users, thus creating more sales.



Team Leading

I once heard, “Leaders who give the best of themselves get the best from others”. I believe good leaders work hard for their team so they can prosper and grow to success.  As a Design Lead, my ultimate goal was to identify the team’s needs and eliminate any roadblocks so they can work at optimum efficiency.


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Efficient production is important to any product life cycle. Being able to provide specs and assets, significantly reduces roadblocks in development.  I’ve provided production for years in multiple capacities, from content management operations to high-level technical writing.  To put it simply, If you want to ship faster, I’m the one to call.


Engineer Advocate

Being able to communicate with cross-functional teams is imperative to a projects success. I use my ability to code front-end and my design background to relate to different capabilities. In my previous role as a Creative Engineer, I bridged the gap between Engineering and Creative teams by translating designs into technical blueprints thus, turning creative-to-code.